UltraEdit/UEStudio Smart Templates video tutorial

Smart templates provide a seamless blend of code completion, auto-expanding text, and context sensitive auto-complete. With Smart Templates, you can set up language-specific code templates and insert them (either automatically or through existing auto-complete functionality) based upon context (i.e., what kind of source file you’re editing). Additionally, Smart Templates allow you to add as many custom variables/placeholders to your template as you’d like, then tab through them upon insertion in order to complete the template. This video is an in-depth look at Smart Templates, including creating and modifying templates, configuring template behavior, and more.

We’re working on updating our Smart templates video tutorial, and adding other UE tutorials/videos. We’ll have an updated video for you here, and more videos on our YouTube channel (see bottom of the website for link) soon! We apologize for any inconvenience.