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Introducing UltraEdit v24.20

Blazing fast search speeds and exciting folding enhancements

screenshot of UltraEdit v24.20

While UltraEdit v24.20 includes new functionality, the most significant advancements in this release are its extensive and significant performance breakthroughs – a norm of the ground-breaking v24 series. Working with projects containing large libraries of files, or large records or datasets? You're going to love the screaming fast grep-like speed at which Find in Files and List Lines Containing String write out results. In fact, in some cases we clocked v24.20 faster than grep in returing search output!

V24.20 is a demonstration of IDM's commitment to making UltraEdit everything a programmer's text editor should be, and then some. Calling v24.20 a point release may be an understatement. It's not just a point release, it's another leap forward towards text editing perfection.

Check out what else is new below.

See folded code faster with fold highlighting

UltraEdit v24.20 now highlights the folding control and the line of folded code, enabling you to visually scan and more quickly identify sections of your file that you've collapsed. You can tweak the colors used for folded code highlighting in your editor theme (Layout tab » Themes).

Get search results in a fraction of the time with grep-like speed

You're going to love the speed with which v24.20 returns Find in Files or Find String List results. Searches that used to take 2+ minutes complete in a matter of seconds in v24.20. In some of our test cases, UltraEdit v24.20 not only matched grep speed but outperformed it! Note: performance gains here will be most noticeable with searches that return thousands if not hundreds of thousands of results.

Sort tab-delimited data by fields

Working with tab-delimited plain text? You don't have to open it in Excel to sort it anymore. Use v24.20's tab-delimited sort option to sort based on one or more fields. You can also fine-tune the sort to evaluate fields starting and/or ending at a certain position within that field.

Hide and delete lines more smoothly and quickly

Hide and delete thousands of lines more quickly than ever before with v24.20. Scrolling through files with large collapsed sections has been optimized as well!

Enjoy several syntax highlighting improvements...

V24.20 includes many improvements for syntax highlighting, like persistent syntax coloring for partially selected text, special handling for unmatched quote characters in regular expression classes, functions in block comments, and more.

...And countless other improvements for display, multi-byte editing, hex mode, and more!

V24.20 has something for everyone, with improvements to the application display, multi-byte (Asian script) editing, hex mode, regular expressions, the list goes on!

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