UltraCompare Mac 2022.1 released

UltraCompare Mac 2022 released

If you merge text in UltraCompare, have you ever thought, “I wish this were faster…”? Yeah, us too.

That’s why we’ve pushed pause on installing new functionality in UltraCompare and turned our focus exclusively on making merging faster and more responsive than ever. We’ve re-tooled the text merge engine completely to provide lightning fast merge results. We’ve redesigned UltraCompare’s data handling to completely eliminate unwanted redrawing of compare panes and refreshing of compares so you can get your merges done as quickly and as nimbly as you expect.

UltraCompare for Mac 2022 also includes more granular merge settings for text and folder mode. Check out more below.

Improved merge settings

Want a prompt for folder mode merge but not text mode? You got it. The new Merge section in Preferences provides you with more granular control over merge behavior.


Oh yeah, we threw in a few new application themes for you too.

Check out our three new themes with modernized colors. Just because you’re dealing with data doesn’t mean you can’t do it in style.

See the full list of changes in UltraCompare v2022

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