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UEStudio v16.20:
It's not just fast, it's crazy fast.

Performance. You just can't get enough of it.

UEStudio v16.20 demonstrates our commitment to never stop delivering supercharged performance to our users. We've opened the throttle in two very noticeable areas in this release: file loading and file sorting.

But v16.20 isn't just about being faster. It's about a smarter editor as well. We've upped the auto-complete game with new context-aware brace completion and string completion. We've also added new code highlighting for batch files, shell scripts, and PowerShell scripts.

Performance. You just can't get enough of it, and we'll never stop delivering it.

Enjoy the new version.

Faster file loading

Working with numerous file tabs? Prepare to do cartwheels. The new UEStudio v16.20 loads 10, 100, 200+ files nearly instantaneously:

• V16.10 Load time for 100 files, opened via drag-and-drop: 5.9 seconds
• V16.20 Load time for 100 files, opened via drag-and-drop: 1.1 seconds

We've heard your requests loud and clear to improve UEStudio's file loading performance. And we've answered the call. This version optimizes the loading / reloading of files – whether on startup, drag-and-drop from explorer, or any other way files are loaded in UEStudio.

[The previous version] takes more than 30 seconds to open 62 pre-opened files (tabs). [The new version] takes 3 seconds.

Ridiculously faster sort...even with huge files.

Featuring a completely overhauled sort engine that handles huge files with ease, UEStudio now does sort like no other. Where previous versions of UEStudio used to take dozens of minutes or even hang indefinitely while sorting huge amounts of data, v16.20 will sort large files in a fraction of the time. Sorting on multiple keys or removing duplicates? No problem; the new sort engine handles complex sort configurations with very little additional overhead. Because the new sort is much more memory efficient and performant than the previous implementation, the "Alternate sort method" has been rendered obsolete and thus removed.

• V16.10 sort time for 100 MB file: 12+ minutes
• V16.20 sort time for 100 MB file: 30 seconds
Sort in v16.20 is out of this world!

Brace and string auto-completion

UEStudio now automatically and intelligently closes brace and/or string pairs after you type the opening brace/string character. If you type the closing brace/string after it's already been auto-completed, UEStudio will detect this and skip over it so you don't wind up with orphan close braces in your code. Tweak this new feature to work the way you do in Advanced » Settings » Editor » Braces / Strings.

New batch, shell script, and PowerShell highlighting

Now you can enjoy code highlighting, brace matching, code folding, and function listing in your script files. We've also added code highlighting for actual wordfile files themselves.

Updated UltraCompare Lite

Compare much? UC Lite has been updated with a fresh coat of paint and a whole lot more. Enjoy the new ribbon framework in UC Lite along with a native 64-bit version and several internal enhancements for more accurate file comparisons.

Traditional menu mode

While the new interface in v16 has been highly praised, we've received a few requests to restore the previous version's menu key accelerators. This release introduces a "Traditional menu" option which satisfies those requests. To enable the traditional menu architecture, right-click on the ribbon or menu and select "Traditional menus." Now you can enjoy the power and flexibility of the new framework while still using legacy key accelerators!

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