The Best Kept Secrets About A Code Editing Program

April 28, 2022
The Best Kept Secrets About A Code Editing Program

A good code editing program is an essential part of the software development process. With a good code editor, users should have the resources to customize code for their specific needs. The best code editing program should also be easy to use.

In this article, we will discuss the not-so-known features of the UltraEdit code editing program and how it can make your coding experience much easier.

But, first, let’s talk about what a code editing program is.

What is a Code Editing Program?

A code editing program is used to create, edit, and/or compile source code. This includes editing the program’s syntax, formatting, and renaming the program’s objects.

The best code editing programs should be easy to use and should provide a variety of features. These features include the ability to insert comments on multiple lines, search and replace text within the program, create groups of related code in one place, view class diagrams, and other code diagrams, etc.

Does UltraEdit Have Any of These Features?

UltraEdit is the top code editing program available today.

It is a professional-grade, full-featured, multi-platform, and multi-language code editor. It also includes several features not commonly found in other code editors.

These features make UltraEdit an ideal choice for those who need to work with different programming languages regularly. And, if you’re new to coding, UltraEdit is the best place to start your programming career because it is easy to use and simple enough for beginners.

What Secret Features Does UltraEdit Have?

There are many code editing programs out there. Each of them has pros and cons, but the basic features are usually similar. UltraEdit steps out of the comfort zone by providing a few extra features not commonly found in other code editors.

This is why developers consider UltraEdit as the best code editing program available today. Let’s see what makes it stand out from the rest.

Flexible Multi-Document Interface:

Most code editors are single-document applications. That means they can only be used to edit one file at a time. If you need to edit multiple files, you will have to create a new document in each file and save it separately.

But, if you need to edit multiple files, then the ability to view them all in one place is very useful. And, if you want your code editor to do more than just edit one file at a time, then you will want your code editor to have a multi-document interface (MDI).

The MDI allows users to open multiple documents simultaneously without creating a new document for each file opened. Instead, the files are displayed in tabs that are linked together so that users can easily switch between them using menus or hotkeys.

This feature is not commonly found in other code editors. Most of them don’t have this functionality built-in. With UltraEdit, you don’t have to save each file separately because it can be done with a single click.

Code Formatting:

Most code editors allow users to format their code using various types of indentation and formatting options. These options are available in all versions of UltraEdit and are controlled by a special tab in the code editor’s menu.

Due to this secret value, UltraEdit can also act as your advanced text editor. You can easily edit and compose a project file using UltraEdit.

Find and Replace Feature:

In addition to syntax highlighting, UltraEdit also has a powerful Find and Replace feature. It allows you to search for strings in the text file and replace them with other string values. It also has a “Find All” option that allows you to find all occurrences of the specified string.

In the Find and Replace window, you can easily see which string is being searched for and which string is being replaced. It also shows you the matching pairs of lines. This feature makes it easy to find exactly what you want in your code file.

Open Large Files Capabilities:

The ability to open large files is important for those who are looking to create professional applications.

UltraEdit can open files with sizes up to 10GB. This means that users don’t have to worry about their files getting corrupted because UltraEdit can handle them without any problems.

In addition, the code editor has a feature called Multi-Threading. This feature enables UltraEdit to load several large files at the same time without slowing down the user’s computer. This feature is UltraEdit’s best-kept secret. Most code editors only support a maximum file size of 2GB.

File History:

One of the main problems when working with large files is that it can be difficult to track changes made over time. This problem becomes more prominent when you need to track several changes after writing more than a hundred lines of code.

To help users deal with this problem, UltraEdit provides a history window that shows all the changes made in each file since its creation.

This feature is one of the secrets in code editors as most of them don’t have this functionality built-in. It also allows users to view their history and makes sure they haven’t made any mistakes or copied code from another file.

Hex Editing Support:

Editing code might not be the only task you have. If so, UltraEdit’s hex editor would be a good addition to your tools. Hexadecimal editor allows users to view and edit hex numbers. UltraEdit provides a built-in hex editor that will help you edit and view your hex editing project.

It also means you don’t have to open a separate application to edit hexadecimal numbers. With UltraEdit, you can do everything in a single app!

Code Debugging:

Another problem when working with large files is that it can be difficult to do code inspection when the program runs at high speeds. The common way to solve this problem is by using an external debugger like WinDbg for Visual Studio Code.

With UltraEdit, users can easily view the program’s source code while debugging. They can now easily find the source of errors and fix them before they become larger problems.

Is There Any Reason to Hesitate?

There’s no better code editing program than UltraEdit. It provides all the features that you need for coding. Besides all the features mentioned in this article, UltraEdit also has features such as syntax highlighting, automatic code completion, and code folding.

If you’re looking for a code editing program with all the features you need, then UltraEdit is your best choice. Get your free trial today!


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